Student of the Month

DoedeCongratulations to Colten Doede for being nominated as "Student of the month" by Mrs. Rucks. Colten brings a smile to my face everyday! He has been a hard worker in his classes and at work opportunities in the community. Colten enjoys joking around with everyone he sees and can usually be heard laughing.

Colten is very excited to get his picture on the school television!!! His favorite food is mac n cheese, favorite color is orange, he likes the movie "Sonic the Hedgehog", his favorite hobby is playing video games, he likes the book "Sonic & Megaman Assembly" comic book, and his favorite class is Tech Ed.

Colton is the grandson of David Doede of Waupaca.



Congratulations Logan Kicherer for being nominated as "Student of the Month" by Mrs. Boelter. Logan has been doing a great job putting effort into his school work and trying his best with his work. He can be a very hard working kid and I look forward to seeing what he can do in the future.

Logan feels good about being nominated since he has been working hard all year, and he appreciates the help from all of his teachers. His favorite food is spicy chicken, favorite color is blue, favorite movie is "Jurassic Park", favorite book is "Lock Down", he likes to hunt and his favorite class is Phy Ed.

Logan's parents are Gayla and Jason Kicherer of Fremont.


Congratulations to Keenan Baehman for being nominated as "Student of the Month" by Mr. A. Schroeder. Keenan works hard to complete work on time. He has shown much growth over the year in handling how he responds to different situations. He is maturing into a fine young man.

Keenan is excited and says Mr. Schroeder is a good teacher to have. His favorite food is pizza, favorite movie "Aladdin", favorite book "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", favorite color is green, he likes bowling and his favorite classes are Choir and Foods 2!

Keenan's parents are Kelly Baehman of Weyauwega and Kaycee Cook of Waupaca.